Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Love Language

Well it's finally the long awaited release date for The Love Languages new LP Libraries. I've already written a post about this eccentric 5 part band from North Carolina and needless to say I'm happy to write about them again. The album starts out with Pedals which is a nice, somewhat mellow opening to the album and smoothly eases you into the next tune, Brittany's Back. At first I was slightly nervous when I heard the almost latin intro, but seconds in I was calling myself an idiot for underestimating Stuart McLamb's genius song writing abilities as this song is quickly becoming my favorite on the album.

The album maintains a rhythm of speeding up and down but really picks back up when it comes around to Heart To Tell. Now if you're waiting for a song as catchy and uplifting as Sparxxx here it is. The melodies being sung in Heart To Tell accompany the chord progression so flawlessly it's nearly impossible to not fall in love with this one and it's luckily followed by Anthrophobia. This song then starts out a little slow and then quickly picks up leaving you in a bedlam; crashing symbols, raging guitar triplets, and wailing oo's and ahh's over it all, making it an extremely nice addition to the album. Next comes Horophones with a progression similar to "Young Folks" byPeter Bjorn and John. You can't go wrong with that. Then there is Wilmount; another melodic slow piece. The Album then finishes out with This Room. Now I was expecting some big thrilling upbeat closer and felt a tinge of disappointment when I detected the tempo, but I then quickly refuted the thought. I'm a sucker for vocal melodies, and if there is a song on the album that showcases this bands ability to do so, This Room is it. It really is a perfect end to the LP with a bitter sweet feel; sadness for the journey through the library has ended, but elation as well for having had a good time while listening.

Overall I think Libraries is definitely a top album of 2010. I just have so much fun listening to this album with the ups and downs, oo's and ahh's, poignant lyrics, and enchanting chord progressions.

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  1. This review is so honest and it gives the perfect view on such an ideal band. Everyone who hasn't looked them up yet, needs to!