Sunday, July 18, 2010

Artist Profile: The Knife that Cuts the Deepest

This blog affords me the opportunity to do something that the Artful Misanthrope does not; that is, shine a light on some of my own favorite bands. The first of these bands is The Knife. They are not easily classifiable beyond something as vague as “electro-pop”. But they are more than that, much more. Take a listen:

The Knife (a brother-sister duo) blends eastern-European beats produced by Olof Dreijer, an indie pop sensibility, and the ethereal-yet-gritty voice of Karen Dreijer to create something more than the base sum of those parts. The result is something entrancing; at times risking alienating the listener and yet feeling completely and utterly familiar. The Knife are most famous for their song “Heartbeats” which has been covered by Jose Gonsalez and has been featured in HBO’s Entourage.

And although I could spend all day waxing poetic about The Knife, I think that they are a band that is best defined by their sense of Dionysian joy that beats through the (excuse the pun) heart of every one of their songs and every living thing. The songs themselves are multi-faceted: able to be enjoyed as a pop song but with deeper meaning within. The Knife, simply put, are one of the best bands around and well-worth your time. I’ll end this post with one of my all-time favorite songs:

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