Saturday, June 12, 2010


With his fresh appearance and a wonderfully melodic EP entitled o0Oo0Oo Oberhofer is definitely one worth checking out. Brad Oberhofer's voice is slightly reminiscent to Nathan Willett with its almost talky feel, yet it fits so well with the slight tears in "Away FRM U" and the jammin' bell kit in "I Could Go". Concerning "Dead Girls Dance", its "Banshee Beat" feel just tickles your ears with musical glory. I might add that if you enjoy whistling, kazoos, and wailing vocalist melody than this young gun is certainly not one to skip over. He is currently unsigned and happens to be granting his EP to anyone nice enough to give a listen for free right here! I would keep an eye on this guy right now. It's only a matter of time before Oberhofer starts touring out of NY and i can't wait.

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