Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Old War

Keith Goodwin, Dan Schwartz, and Tim Arnold certainly make an accomplished trio straight out of Pennsylvania. I just got back from their show and to put this simply, Keith is quite possibly one of the coolest dudes I've ever met. Such a down to earth guy with such a passion for music it would be impossible not to respect. Dan also showed me a great time as we danced the night away and sang along to Yukon Blonde as they were jamming out. So we were having a blast before it was time for them to go on and then the night only got better. You see, the thing about Good Old War is that no matter how you look at it, they sound so incredible live, you sit there wishing they were performing in front of you while listening to their album at home. They put on one of the best shows I've ever seen hands down and I can't wait to see them again. Good Old War is quite simply some of the best folk music out right now. They dont bother with extravagant melodies to portray their thoughts through song, rather they stick to the basics and they do a ravishing job. There is absolutely no excuse to pass these guys up. They'll show you a grand time and then serenade you all night with some of the most pulchritudinous music you'll ever hear. Do yourself a favor and check out their tour dates.

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